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Twenty years ago on the Southside, large area's of the District experienced massive flooding. Areas of Windsor Forest and Wilshire found themselves under as much as 6 feet of water. Houses were flooding and people were suffering. We didn't have greenspaces and parks. We lacked sidewalks in every corner of District 6. The tree canopy had been severely neglected and forgotten. Our area did not have a police precinct in the immediate area. We only had one city owned fire station. Road conditions were deteriorating. Over development was threatening areas like Coffee Bluff. The public was at risk of losing access to deep water and property taxes were climbing on residential homeowners.

I promised you then that I would address these issues on our behalf and that's exactly what I did. Promises Made. Promises Kept!

I worked to gain and secure over $20,000,000 for drainage in Windsor Forest and Wilshire. Today, we have NO STRUCTURAL FLOODING anywhere in the District. I worked to create Parks and Dog Parks across the District. We built sidewalks across the District. Planted trees in every corner of the District. Established a Police Precinct, built 2 new fire stations, created a Marina, and put protective zoning in place that preserved areas from over development. And I campaigned on and supported the Stephens-Day Property Tax Relief Bill which gave homeowners an exemption and relief from rising taxes that were pricing many out of their homes.

I did all of this with you.

For the future, there is much left to be done. I have secured land and commitments for a new regional community center in the District of around $10,000,000. I have placed focus on redeveloping a declining area of the District near Savannah Mall with national participation and interest in what could be the creation of a new Town Center for our area.. I've worked to have millions placed into Abercorn beautification for our area. I am advocating for sidewalks in areas like White Bluff Road and Coffee Bluff, Largo Drive and Windsor Road, and in Wilshire for safety of our residents. And I am focused on creating additional parks and greenspace opportunities with our kids and seniors. And, I will be working to create a Southside Multi-Purpose Municipal Center and location for residents to pay water bills and conduct other city business. That's just a few of the projects I see for us in the years ahead.

We've come a long way on the Southside since the forgotten days but we still have a long way to go. I have the vision, fight, and backbone to make these things happen. No other candidate in this race 'has a clue' when it comes to seeing these ideas come to reality as I do. This is where experience matters and this is why I want to continue serving you for another four years.

I would appreciate your vote and support Tuesday, November 5th to continue the extraordinary progress we've made in District 6 over the years and into the future ahead. I need your support and vote to make these things happen for us all


Proven Leader. Proven Results

Additional Information

Public Safety is Priority #1

  • Years ago, Tony Led the charge for the establishment of a precinct on the city's southside at Oglethorpe Mall.
  • Tony has also advocated for additional raises for public safety and personnel, specifically fire and police.
  • Tony Led the fight for construction of three new fire stations in District 6

Improving the Vitality of our Neighborhoods

  • Tony led the charge against derelict landlords in Savannah and pushed for the creation of the Landlord Responsibility Ordinance. This ordinance sets standards of maintenance for landlords with property in Savannah Neighborhoods.
  • Tony aggressively pushed for and succeeded in the addition of more sidewalks and the planting of new trees in the district.

Infrastructure Improvements and Creation of Parks

  • Tony fought for more than$20,000,000.00 in drainage relief that residents of District 6 desperately needed. Today, our district has no major flooding issues.
  • Tony fought for the acquisition and construction of coffee Bluff Marina & Park, the city's only public marina.
  • Tony secured millions for parks on the southside including Joseph J. Tribble Park, Mohawk Lake, John H. Murphy Park, Crusader Park, Fulton Park, Veterans Memorial Park and Rose Dew Park.

  • Has Served as your City Councilman since 1999.
  • Served as City Council Chairman 2004-2016.
  • Licensed Georgia real estate broker.
  • Former member of United Way and Southside YMCA Board and current board member of the EOA Volunteers & Retirees Advisory Board
  • Served as the City Council Liaison for the Savannah Development and Renewal Authority, the Trade Center Authority & the Savannah Convention and Visitors Bureau


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